This year we reshuffled our Algebra II curriculum to better match the topic targets of a new state test for the subject. It has really uprooted the traditional order. This year is totally trial and error because we have no idea how fast we need to go or what aspects of a topic are more important than others (Texas has yet to release any decent info on the content of this test and won't for a few more years). In addition to try and build better lessons and integrate all these fancy iPads, I'm trying to keep track of what has worked and what hasn't. A sample:


In particular I'm trying to keep track of activities so I can keep the variance up. Posters are great and all, but 5 of them in a semester is a little much, so other methods should be considered. I'm trying not to pull punches, because I'm not going to remember what sucked a year from now.

Even if you aren't reshuffling your curriculum, it couldn't hurt to think about what you've done just for the sake of trying to remember everything and to see if your routines might be a bit dull. This also helps me see how well I'm doing with compelling openers. For instance, I was nothing but problem sets for the first two weeks of school, what a way to make an impression. The openers also got more traditional after Halloween, about as far as you can get on end of summer adrenaline.

AuthorJonathan Claydon