Burdened by YouTube filters? Or more specifically, denied access to YouTube because there's no way to authenticate yourself properly on the computer you like teaching on? Simple fix. Well, two simple fixes. Option 1 is snag yourself an iPad with some of that sweet sweet Verizon LTE, an iPad VGA adapter, and (optionally) a KVM Switch. Barring that, if you are the type that plans ahead, poke around and find one of many apps that will grab the source files from any YouTube video. One such app is MacTubes, available for free. It is modest, requires a version of OS X that was released in 2005, and yet can still yank down the most recently uploaded 1080p hotness from YouTube. We were discussing compound inequalities, so I introduced the lesson with the dual conditions on liquid water: its freezing point and boiling point. That lead to fun things like gallium spoons and that trick where you get water to boil at < 100C by inducing a vacuum. I snagged the source video with this app the night before and threw it in my Dropbox.


Useful next time you want to generate some inquiry about Korean satire. Or be honest, you just want to jam this in your room when the kids aren't around.

In the pipe:

Routines, iPad Training, Compound Inequalities through Phase Diagrams, and Four Years of Room Design.

AuthorJonathan Claydon