I have been of singular focus the last couple of days. Before starting on improvements for next year, I've been cataloging all my current materials so that it'd be possible for someone who came across this repository to duplicate much of what I've done the last year. I have also filled in a lot of the blank spots and a did a little housekeeping to benefit any newcomers. The posts I would consider Editor's Choice are scattered throughout the section on my classroom, rather than making some ugly sidebar. Here's what you need to know:

  • General overview of what my classroom looks like and how I grade: My Room
  • Cleaned up and updated portions of my LaTeX test writing section: LaTeX
  • Created PDFs outlining target mastery and activities/posters related to all my Pre-Calculus material: Pre-Cal

By the end of the week everything I have for Algebra II should be in its place as well (at the moment you can see pictures of the posters they did). Then all my staff development supporting material will be in place and I can finally write up the presentation. Then I shall fiddle. Oh the things I shall fiddle.

AuthorJonathan Claydon