The time has come and take my resources and put them up online. Two main drivers here. First, I have a staff development class I'm teaching on standards based grading (and the supporting players like notebooks and poster) and I want to be a beacon of support on the off chance somebody listens to me. It'll also help propogate the idea around my campus (more realistic goal). Second, as with any collection, you want to write something that you'd read. And believe me, I would love to have a lot of examples to wade through, especially if I was new to teaching or standards based grading. It will also help me remember how I approached a certain subject and whether that should get better.

First step is I've populated the Algebra II and Pre-Calculus sections of this place with the topic list. Eventually as the summer drags on, all listed topics will be live links to a PDF displaying assessment level questions and notes on any activities that I used to support them. Pictures of the posters will find there way in this somewhere.

Fresh write ups on Standard Based Grading will follow as will a post summarizing my classroom. I've described it in bits and pieces over the year, probably time to gather those thoughts in one place.

Teaser sample (Full PDF Write Up):

AuthorJonathan Claydon