...writin' songs, and fightin' 'round the world. Anyway. Some more detail about my Pre-Cal video project I mentioned earlier. I piloted the project last year just to see what would happen. I assigned roles such as director, dance coordinator, and whatnot. Anyone who didn't want to be in the movie could make a poster related to a topic. The movies were pretty funny (with quality dance numbers) but way short (2-3 minutes) without a lot of math meat other than some jokes (a scene featuring Club Limits where two students are denied entry). I also started the project May 10 and only got 2 decent filming days because senior activities clogged everything up. The posters were also mediocre. So this year I made some adjustments, mainly by starting May 1. To save some typing, here's what they were presented:

Screen Shot 2012-05-11 at 8.01.25 PM.png

Starting so soon really gave the project time to breath. Day 1 we brainstormed ideas and shared. Day 2 we fleshed out dialog and characters. We then filmed for 5-6 days after that. The end results were way better and far more cohesive, I only got a lot more kids to participate because there was not a poster fall back option. If you read the description closely, you'll notice there was a second part. After the class video was finished, they were required to do some real math related to their chosen topic. Right now we're filming these short segments where one or more students teach a concept to the rest, with prepared questions throughout. The planning process for this was interesting because a few of them got insight into what it's like to teach in the first place. "Well, what do you remember asking me when you didn't know? You should have an answer for that." Biggest thing was learning that having a concrete script worked wonders. As I mentioned that cheat sheets could be included, one student was like "oh, it's like that notebook you always look at." A few groups have completed them and I haven't watched them yet, but based on the effort they put into planning them, I really like how it's going.

I'm considering trickling this down to Algebra but I'm not sure how I'd tweak it yet.

Oh, and here's a prop from one of the films:

Photo May 08, 3 02 37 PM.jpg
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