Baseball season has started again. The hometown Houston Astros finished a franchise worst 56-106 last year. Last year's deadline saw anyone with trade value shipped out of town as we prepared for new ownership, a new league, and hopefully some kind of new direction. Given the lack of talent, a youth movement, and a final lame duck season in the National League, aspirations are not high. The new owners saw this coming and are doing fan friendly things like allowing outside food, lowering ticket pricing, and lowering beer prices hoping to survive. If Opening Weekend is any indication, this year is going to be rough.


These are figures the Astros are reporting, mind you. The ticket got sold, but it doesn't mean the fan showed up. If we hadn't done logarithms months ago, this would make an interesting opening act for a study on exponential growth/decay models.

Final side note, youth movements mean you have a lot of minimum salary guys who have no bargaining power for several years. A positive move for a team that 6 years ago was one of the oldest in the league. But the terms of Carlos Lee's deal prevented him from getting dumped last year, so this happened:

AuthorJonathan Claydon