The theme of this year was posters, lots of them. I have a giant stack of poster projects from the year. In Pre-Cal I'm winding down the curriculum so that we do a capstone video project for the entire month of May. That means we went rapid fire on a couple of simpler, though still interesting topics. Prior to Spring Break, we made parabola posters. About a week or so after coming back, we made Hyperbola and Ellipse posters. I like there to be a healthy amount of time between posters so that they can display in the hallway for a while and so that they seem like a special event. Polar graphing is up next and would lend itself pretty well to a poster, but I thought it was time for something different. Through random inspiration and adminstraitor permission, this happened:


They turned out really well and it was a great idea for this time of year. When I do this again I will make a couple of adjustments. The kids were a little too dependent on the calculators to show them the correct output when polar graphs are easy enough to draw by hand. The low-res calculator screens lead to very pointy looking chalk drawings until I mentioned everything should be curved. And I should've had them draw the graphs ahead of time so that we could correct shapes and sizes. My first class did well at finding the limacons that had internal loops, my second class supiciously found none.

The scope of this project is huge. 60 kids drawing two graphs each covers a lot of sidewalk. 

AuthorJonathan Claydon