The overall theme this year is how to have the maximum impact on my very full classroom. Three of my five classes have a student in every single seat in the room. One teacher standing in the front of the room has its limits with a group in the 20s, you're even more isolated when it's an audience of 30. Lots of kids have vision problems, I should say lots of people have vision problems. Teenagers with vision problems are my concern, and those teenagers with vision problems hate wearing their glasses or they broke them or they keep them at home or whatever. Through an interesting series of events, I have distributed many redundant screens throughout the room. The biggest problem with one board and 30 kids is the number of heads between me and the board. Front two rows? Great. After that? It becomes an interesting game of squinting and bobbing and double checking things with my neighbor. Writing something on the lowest reaches of the board is basically telling 60% of the room "haha, not for you!" Armed with a massive VGA splitter, cheap IKEA tables, and an eagle eye for discounted, used TVs on Amazon, 15 kids have direct line of sight to a screen, the rest only have one head in front of them. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I took a picture from a seat in each of my six desk groups.

AuthorJonathan Claydon