When I started I had these binders. Big 3" numbers where in the pursuit of being organized I would group all of my materials based on the book chapters. After a while these things filled with paper with the thought being in future years I would just have to find what I was looking for in this binder and run off copies rather than make something from scratch or reprint it. Of course, as I got to working I found that in wanting to improve, this old stuff was of little use to me. Slowly I noticed I wasn't opening the binders, or even updating them with the latest tests. Once I got a scanner and a pen tablet, everything I used could be sourced from my Dropbox a lot faster. This lead me to the main item kept in those binders: answer keys. What good is an answer key from last year if I change the test? If the goal is to raise the difficulty or find new ways to ask old things, what good are these old answer keys? So, I went digital. My tests are stored as PDFs and a few minutes with PDFPen and my pen tablet, you arrive here:

AuthorJonathan Claydon