At some point the fall semester ended. It seems unreal given how many things went on and the fact that due to start dates, this is the latest school has let out since Texas moved to a unified start date. Christmas is like, Tuesday. I have a thousand things floating around in my head that need to get written and I think now I have some time to do so. Soccer season has been in swing for almost a month already, so big To Do™ item is purge that list right now because in January/February I won't have time. But, that's later. A simple debrief of Fall 2012:


  • Mentored a student teacher, he helped make a lot of crazy ideas this year possible.
  • Did a decent job keeping up a 180 Photo Blog.
  • Learned a lot of SBG implementation from the many academic level teachers who tried it at my school this year.
  • Managed to make iPads in the classroom work for some neatthings.
  • Made headway with more inquiry-based openings.
  • Rejiggered my room to accomodate 33 kids, replaced every old school desk with a table.


  • Not sure the Algebra II curriculum flow is quite right.
  • Not sure paper tests are the sole way I should be assessing students.
  • Not quite satisfied with the level of iPad access my kids have.
  • Not sure how to pace my Algebra II sections next semester, one is head and shoulders more with it than the other.
  • Not finding the relevance to many sections of the Pre-Cal curriculum. Really, double angle formulas, really?
  • Not sure if all this table wizardry I did in the room is helping my kids' ability to focus when I'm talking.

Final note, for those of you who find Word to be the be-all end-all of classroom item creativity, you can get your foot in the door with all those Adobe applications you stand in awe of (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) for ridiculously steep discounts. I recently snagged CS6 Design Standard Bundle (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat) for a mere $349 because I'm a teacher. Now I know, you're like, $349!? I got kids to feed! Considering that normal people have to drop $1,299 for the same thing, it's a steal. Anyway, think about it.


AuthorJonathan Claydon