We've wandered into the world of trig with Pre-Cal. We spent 3-4 days on the Unit Circle and are now adapting what we know about sin/cos/tan to right triangles of any type. Normally we discuss and I give them something like this:

Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 6.24.05 PM.png

It gets the job done, but you know, blah. A random triangle drawn on the board doesn't feel like much more than a math problem. So this time, armed with our iPads, we went searching for right triangles around us. Some images I scavenged from the iPads after the fact:

Photo Oct 24, 2 35 27 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 24, 2 31 48 PM.jpg

And decided to create a few of our own:

Photo Oct 24, 2 34 43 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 24, 10 25 43 AM.jpg

We head back to base and doodle some measurements on top of what we found:

Photo Oct 24, 2 48 12 PM.jpg

And generate something that feels a little closer to home:

Photo Oct 24, 5 49 31 PM.jpg

You may notice that yes, that hypotenuse makes no sense. I agree. Makes for an interesting discussion point later. This is something that can get better in the future. I liked some of the clever things they found/did to create right triangles. The debrief portion continues to suck because 6 iPads for 31 kids doesn't really work well. Perhaps I should stop delaying and get AirPrint working so that we can get hard copies of the photos to the kids who can't share. Or get a nice person to buy me more iPads.

AuthorJonathan Claydon