A quickie. An early topic in Algebra II is domain and range. This is review from Algebra I, at least it should be. The approach is simple, a little memory jogging about what variable belongs to domain, which to range and then you find some random data tables and discuss suitable domains and ranges. Well, why use math tables for the sake of math tables?

Fast food websites have all kinds of data tables available for free because they have to publish their nutritional information. I used this segment of the Whataburger nutrition section. 


Give different groups one column to study and have them come up with a suitable range for their column. After we find that I use that to help them translate it to a proper calculator window. You'd be surprised how many kids don't quite have the hang of the calculator window function.

Sidenote: maybe a good idea never to order the Whatacatch meal. Just throwing it out there.

AuthorJonathan Claydon