I enjoy investing in my classroom. People that know me are aware I have a tendency to get some pretty crazy toys. Like "I didn't know real people owned these" type toys. The podium is a nice example. In our district the lesson design program we subscribe to highly suggests that there should be an activity/problems/something on the board for the students to begin working on when they enter the room. While you take attendance and whatnot they (in theory) aren't running around like crazy. I coach on top of teaching with athletics first thing in the morning. When I arrive at school I need to be pretty efficient. Typically the time is spent figuring out a warm up and writing the days' objectives.

Doing this in the room is the fastest way because I can crank it out using pen input instead of having to type something up. But my pen input is in my classroom. So it's tough to do this ahead of time.

So imagine the '!' on my face when I caught wind of this gizmo.

My Wacom tablet is pretty boss, but this takes it up a notch. A magic brain that turns my doodles into something that can be loaded in the morning? Sold! It comes out in a couple weeks.

AuthorJonathan Claydon