It's the calm before the storm, well if you start next Monday like the vast majority of Texas. So I just have a few things. Once the school year kicks off I'm planning some sort of regular successes and failures which typically I've only done at the end of a semester.

So, couple things:

After much debate, I decided that I need to approach PreCal with Standard Based Grading. It's just going to be easier since I have multiple subjects. The more I can keep the flow of both preps the same, the better. I will use fewer topics and the point scale will probably fluctuate.

To address some of the grading issues I had last time, select Algebra II topics will be graded on an 8+8=10 method to add some flexibility to deeper things like the quadratic formula.

I added a LaTeX template for my standards based tests.

I stumbled upon GeoGebra which is a free Java-based math illustration tool. It allows exporting to image files and has a healthy set of objects. It can run as a stand-alone app or form within your browser.

AuthorJonathan Claydon