I present the first items for Math BootCamp. These worksheets cover multiplication tables, fractions, decimals, and caclulator syntax. The purpose of Math BootCamp is to knock off the rust at the beginning of the school year so that we can spend more time having discussions about Pre-Calculus topics (and where to see them) because I'm not having to waste time explaining that yes, the square of the square root of 3 is 3.

Most of these exercises were lifted from a vintage Algebra I textbook I happen to have. I picked these topics as a part of BootCamp because in my experience last year, most of my Pre-Cal students wanted little to do with fractions and 90% of their calculator errors were a misunderstanding of implied parenthesis.

The multiplication table sheet is a little clever quiz I cooked up in Excel (also works in Numbers just fine). My plan is on Day 1 (or 2 depending Day 1 admin items) to have them learn their tables up to 15, and square roots up to 25. My quiz makes use of the RANDBETWEEN(LOW,HIGH) function to generate new problems every time you open it (or hit calculate). So no two students will have the same quiz. It will also force me to learn my tables up to 15 as well.

Fraction Operations (PDF)

Decimal Operations (PDF)

Calculator Syntax (PDF)

Multiplication Quiz (Excel) (Right Click Save As)

AuthorJonathan Claydon