So in determining my teaching strategy for the upcoming year (still a work in progress), I had a random bit of inspiration. I've been told it'd be a good idea to let kids see how the topics we talk about relate to the world a little better. In addition, I know for a fact I'm going to incoporate an "Any Questions?" approach to opening lessons. Lastly, Google has a famous policy of letting its employees devote 20% of their time to personal projects.

Put it all together and I envision having a question box where students are encouraging to come up with something we can discuss in our own version of 20% time. I doubt it'll actually be 20%, but I don't think the kids will mind. I suspect we'll have a lot of nice science discussions as a result. And if I don't get enough spontaneous questions, it probably wouldn't be too hard to force them to think of something. I like entertaining quality off topic thoughts anyway through the course of a lesson, so I could see this making those opportunities a little more technical and a lot less Bieber.

AuthorJonathan Claydon