Some added materials for my first two weeks of class. This batch focuses on factoring, radical operations, squaring numbers, completing the square and a quick look at scientific notation.

Motivation: Radicals come up with trig functions and I much prefer students to be able to work with the "clean" values of trig functions rather than decimals, at least for the primary angles around a circle. Being able to clean up an irrational denominator is the only way to get a proper tangent value most of the time. Factoring crops up in trig equations. I include squaring only because I couldn't believe the confused looks when we got to polar coordinate conversion and they had no idea how or that it was possible to square 5sqrt(3). Scientific Notation is useful because when we studied limits I found students copying 5e12 as an answer without really understanding that it was a very very big number, meaning the limit might as well be infinity. TI calculators use engineering notation in the upper ranges.

Factoring (PDF)

Complete the Square (PDF)

Scientific Notation (PDF)

Radicals (PDF)

Squares (PDF)

Perfect Squares (PDF)

Radical Operations (PDF)


Fraction Operations (PDF)

Decimal Operations (PDF)

Calculator Syntax (PDF)

Multiplication Quiz (Excel) (Right Click Save As)

AuthorJonathan Claydon