This issue has come up twice on TWiT shows in the last month or so. It concerns the raw potential possible when you combine a 27" iMac with a 27" Cinema Display. It's a load of screen real estate. The extra insane part is that current 27" iMacs can drive 2 external displays that big. So in both cases, Adam Engst and later Leo Laporte said 1 iMac and 1 display is their dream scenario, but by a weird Apple quirk, the two differ in height (20.4" vs. 19.35" respectively). This drives some people nuts. My solution? Wall mount the sucker. I did just that in summer 2010.

You will need:

  • 27" iMac (coach, that's how I bought mine)
  • 27" Cinema Display (get a tutoring gig, that's how I bought mine)
  • 2 VESA Mount Adapters
  • Mounting Arms

A note on the mounting arms. Companies like to think these should cost a fortune, $150-500. Not so. I found this VideoSecu Arm ($40 at the time, $28 now) and it works very well. Super sturdy, comes with a wide array of bolts, and can handle the 30lb. weight with ease. So, pictures:



Do measure and get a decent level. I tore my wall to shreds getting both mounts at the same height.

You'll need some metric screws (4mm x 20mm) and nuts to properly attach the arm to the display. The bolts that came with the arm were great for getting it in the wall, not so great for attaching.

The Apple bracket has two rubber sleeves on either end of the monitor side of the bracket. If you leave these little rubber strips on you will never get the bracket attached. That extra quarter of an inch throws the screw hole out of alignment. I thought it was just a quirk the first time, but the second one had the same problem. The rubber sleeves cover the notches that are touching the back of the monitor here:

AuthorJonathan Claydon