Now, my whole experiment with LaTeX was very interesting and I feel accomplished for figuring it out and will probably stick with it. But the nice thing about installing a TeX package is you get the lovely Euclid font as a bonus. It and its vast symbol library can be used by other programs, including MathType, provided you define a proper style. So this allows Pages to generate some pretty nice looking stuff, even it means a bit more stuttered workflow since MathType is a very click-click-click process, although (and it's like they're watching me) I got this e-mail today:


So the TeX support part is very intriguing. Though I'm outside the 90 day free upgrade window. Nerd note: no more Rosetta for the installer (which was very System 7-y), so no worries about reinstalling MathType in Lion (which kills Rosetta dead).

Anyway, forget about saying "Hooray, I'll just reoopen all my Word files in Pages because Pages '09 supports MathType!" because you get this nonsense (UPDATE: if you open a .docx file only):


I'm going to blame Word for not storing the MathType renders properly. Note also how terrible the alignment is. As added insult, double clicking the MathType objects does nothing, so you can't edit formulas if you bring your document into Pages.

But if you start from scratch though, dreams do come true:


So, just something to consider. My inner nerd enjoys being able to code up whatever math I want instead of the tedious Insert>MathType Equation>click-click-click process.


on 2011-06-30 22:41 by Jonathan

So my fuzzy equations problem is definitely related to Word. Feedback from a reader indicates that it's a problem with the default .docx format of Word 2008. If something is saved as a regular old .doc, the equations will not fuzz and formulas can be edited in MathType from Pages.

It should also be noted that MathType does allow you to assign shortcuts for symbols, so it need not be a click-click-click experience if you don't want it to be.

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