So in the fall of 2000 I took a webmastering class in high school. They taught us HTML and the Macromedia professional suite. So at the time that was Dreamweaver, Freehand, Fireworks, and Flash. Of the set, I came to really like how Fireworks allowed you to make simple little graphics fast. For things like forum avatars it was great for finding an image and slapping a little black border around something. Dead simple stuff. I spent $99 on the student version of Fireworks MX in fall 2002. Somewhere in the maturation of OS X, Fireworks MX got broken, horribly. I'm thinking the Intel transition did it. So for many years I was without my favorite graphic creation tool. I got by.

Then I became a teacher and found that it's nice to be able to make a simple picture every now and again. I made due with Word or simply let ideas die because I didn't have a proper tool. Then I got down with LaTeX and needed something to make stuff.

Now, Pixelmator and Acorn have done fabulous things for graphic editing. They lowered the price bar significantly and are both very pretty. I have a paid copy of Pixelmator. Sadly, neither can do this:


Yes, Acorn has vector shapes. But just circles, rectangles, and lines. No polygons. I looked. Yes, you can make a triangle with three lines, but really? And you can't slice up a circle to make a proper angle designator.

I have wandered the Mac App Store and tried the top rated vector editor. Crashed after I dumped in a couple objects. Not a confidence booster.

So I plunked down for Fireworks CS5. It'd be nice to see someone challenge Adobe with vector graphics. I just want to make shapes!

AuthorJonathan Claydon