Ten weeks in and I have found it easier and easier to plan things with notebooks and groups involved. My kids have to have notebooks, it's part of their grade. My kids are always in groups, it's part of their grade. Knowing I can count on those two items being there opens things up. And you know what I use less of? Worksheets. This year is turning into War on Worksheets. Most textbooks will have a resource pack with worksheets for every chapter in the book. Sometimes the problems are ok, a lot of times they focus on weird specific situations that didn't align with your teaching. Plus, typical terrible textbook word problems. Worksheets lend themselves to collection which makes you feel obligated to grade. A mountain of worksheets leads to less feedback from you. Operate a loose-leaf economy like this and here's the feedback loop you create:


Ergo, I dislike worksheets.

AuthorJonathan Claydon